100 Freeze Dried Ice Cream Bulk Wholesale

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Enjoy 100 of our most popular Freeze Dried Ice Creams. You will receive 100 Packages of Neapolitan Sandwiches. Enjoy the mouth watering Neapolitan Ice Cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers.

Originally developed for the early Apollo Space missions, food is frozen to -40 degrees and then vacuum dried and placed in a special foil pouch. This is the same ice cream found at science museums for a fraction of the price!

The shelf life is 3 years, so there is no worry about it expiring right away. These products are manufactured by the same company that supplies freeze-dried foods to NASA for the Space Shuttle missions. Freeze drying removes water from the ice cream by lowering the air pressure to a point where ice shifts from a solid to a gas. The ice cream is placed in a vacuum chamber and frozen until the water crystallizes. Refrigeration is not needed.

The air pressure is lowered, creating a partial vacuum, forcing air out of the chamber; next heat is applied, vaporizing the ice; finally a freezing coil traps the vaporized water. This process continues for hours, resulting in a freeze-dried ice cream slice. Try our other great flavors of ice cream! Note: Due to the fact this product is fragile and during the shipping process, this product will arrive in bite size pieces/chunks.

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